Christmas Services -  2017


10.30 pm Sunday 24 December - First Mass of the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ

10.00 am Monday 25 December - Christmas Morning Mass (pets welcome)

10.30 am Tuesday 26 December - Mass of St Stephen

10.30 am Wednesday 27 December - Mass of St John

10.30 am Thursday 28 December - Mass of the Holy Innocents

10.30 am Monday 1 January - Mass of the Solemnity of the Mother of God



Parish and Community Life at St James the Great

The Wardens, Parish Council and the congregation have appreciated the on-going ministry of Father Richard Murray, who was the Interim Vicar for some eighteen months, Locum Priest Father Stuart Blackler for some six months and more recently Fr Ian Hunter for July 2017. All have worked with the Parish Administrator, Michael Knopf and the Wardens to maintain the normal daily life of our parish community including the ministry of the Little Company of the Good Shepherd and the various opportunities of the church's year that gathers our people together in fellowship.  We now welcome The Right Reverend David Farrer as our Locum from August 2017.


The search for a new Parish Priest

The Bishop has recently called together the Parish and Diocesan Representatives of the Incumbency Committee to begin the process of appointing our new pastor and priest. The Parish Profile is a helpful document in the manner in which it tells of the life and work of this Anglo Catholic Parish. The Parish leadership looks forward to hearing of possible candidates for this unique parish community and actively seeks the prayers of all who visit our Web Page. In that regard please pray for the Bishop and the Incumbency Committee as well as for those who may feel called to minister among us and pray for our on-going work and ministry and witness in this Diocese and beyond.



102nd Patronal Festival at St James the Great, 24th July 2016  

IMG 3654(1)

IMG 3675

The two photos above and the one below were taken at the Patronal Festival and
Mass of Thanksgiving on Sunday July 24 honouring before God the 38 years of
Father Roger's ministry as Parish Priest of St James the Great.

IMG 3680(1)

More photos taken during the occasion were uploaded to St James The Great's Facebook page.

Patronal Updated

The Liturgy and Service Times at St James the Great


10.30 am Solemn Mass & the Angelus 

The Laying on of Hands & Anointing of the sick: the 4th Sunday of the month (& by arrangement)

Sunday School

On certain Sundays at 10.30 a.m. For information about Sunday School and children's ministry, please contact Treasure Vellis 9772 7619.




10.30 a.m. - Mass



Following the Thursday Mass and by appointment.




Archbishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu’s words calling and
challenging us “to be one” echo the older “Testament” of
Cardinal Désiré-Joseph Mercier.  For us these words are

the inspiration for the annual Week of
Prayer for Christian Unity -

In order to unite with one another, we must love one another;

in order to love one another, we must know one another;

in order to know one another, we must go and meet one another.




Pastoral Visit of Bishop Genieve, 8th May 2016

A photograph taken at the conclusion of Solemn Mass on the Sunday after the Ascension
of the Lord when Bishop Genieve Blackwell made a pastoral visit to St James the Great. 

IMG 0350 small



Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter at St James the Great

The photographs that follow show something of our liturgical celebrations of the great week of the Christian year. The first picture, taken during the Palm Sunday Mass shows our Interim Vicar preaching the Homily.  Then we see the Greeting of Peace and finally a charming photo of some of the Palm Bearers who assisted in the procession into the church.

  IMG 3287

 IMG 3306 

 IMG 3309

  IMG 3329

These  photos were taken on Easter Morning and capture the quiet beauty of the Chapel of Our Lady and St Francis and the beauty of the High Altar, with two pictures taken during the Mass including the Entrance and finally a photo of our musicians - oboe, flute and 'cello whose fine musicianship embellished the Liturgy.

IMG 3390

 IMG 3391

The well-known High Altar of St James the Great, pictured on Easter morning 2016. The only parish church complete with a ciborium above the High Altar in the Diocese of Melbourne and psooibly in the Australian Anglican Church. The Good Shepherd Ikon behind the Altar was a gift from the Reverend Brother Rodney Goodwin a founding member of the Little Company of the Good Shepherd - a religious community of this Parish of St James the Great.

IMG 3375

Above - The Entrance Procession at the beginning of High Mass on Easter Day - "Christ is risen! He is risen indeed" The picture below was taken at the Offertory and the preparation of the Holy Table. 

IMG 3394

  IMG 3373

The instrumentalists above, from left, Kevin Thomas (flute), Jennifer Bryce (oboe) and Monica Edwards (cello) form the acclaimed chamber music performers, "Trio Con Brio". They have been part of our festive celebrations at St James the Great for over 20 years, providing wonderful music accompaniment to our Festival Liturgies. Here they are pictured playing a selection from "Rinaldo" by G.F. Hanbdel - a Prelude before the beginning of the High Mass of Easter Day, 2016.






Archbishop Justin meets Pope Francis in Rome


Friday 14th June 2013

The Archbishop and the Pope affirmed the bonds of "friendship" and "love" between Roman Catholics and Anglicans when they met for the first time in Rome this morning
- See more at:
Mr Richard Kendall QC