Building works in and around St James's Churchyard

Work on the construction of the apartments on the former church land have reached the point where the landscaping of the churchyard has had to begin. These photos show the beginnings of the works which including the provision of churchyard parking for up to 12 cars as well as the resurfacing of all areas on both the west and east sides of the church.

In the process we will lose up to four of our trees and the Resurrection Garden for the repose of the Ashes of the dead shall be in two parts. The pictures show the journey of the statue of the Risen Christ from where it was to where it shall be due to the provision of car-parking.

Bastille Day Dinner 2013

Churchwarden Fecilia Richardson-Fawcett and her husband Glenn hosted their annual Bastille Day Dinner in St. James House this year; a gathering of family and friends celebrating French culture - its food and music. Glenn's famous cassoulet of three meats was served after soupe l'oignon with profiterole and chocolate mousse. All delicious, anda wonderful time was had by all!