Welcome to St. James the Great

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The St James' Community welcomes as friends, all who come here to share in the life of the the Liturgy and its congregation, the St Kilda Steiner Pre-School - its children and families, the extended community of the Blessing of Animals and the activities of Little Patch Early Learning Centre.

Together in all these ministries to one another, we offer care for body mind and spirit.

You, your friends and your companion animals are always welcome to share our life in Christ.


A letter from the former Interim Vicar:

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Eastertide greetings!

My dear people and friends of St James the Great,

Things are happening at St James’!

Visit of our Bishop – Sunday May 8
The diocese of Melbourne has changed the way its episcopate (its bishops and their work) is to operate into the future. Firstly the old diocesan regions have been abolished and the whole diocese is now divided into more flexible and more functional areas of episcopal responsibility.

The area into which St James’ falls is called the Marmingatha Episcopate and the bishop with responsibility for us is Bishop Genieve Blackwell who was appointed as a bishop in the diocese after Bishop Barbara Darling’s retirement last year.

Bishop Genieve is making her first pastoral visit to St James’ on Sunday May 8. She is visiting parishes in her area of responsibility and we are among the early visits that she is making. She will be with us for our 10:30 am Mass and will preach at that service. The service will be followed by a luncheon. Please make a special effort to come along to meet Bishop Genieve and to hear her preach.

The Changing face of St James the Great Church and site
Elsewhere in this edition of The Pilgrim, you will read reports about the changes which are taking place in the buildings at St James and in the activities which will be taking place on this historic site. These changes will allow for the provision of a child-care facility on this site which will add significantly to the activities conducted on the site. This will continue the tradition of the site being devoted to the care and education of children from our community.

In the near future, the parish also plans to make the church buildings more practical for the day to day activities of the church and its worship activities through the provision of welcoming gathering spaces to support the outreach and accessibility of the church.

As well as these physical changes to our site, we are in the process of shaping the future of the parish as we address the appointment of a new priest to replace dear Father Roger following his retirement late last year. This is neither a simple nor a quick process.

The Appointment of a new Parish Priest
Although it may not seem so, the appointment of a vicar is rather different from the process of appointing a new person to a position in a secular organization or enterprise. While many of the objectives of the appointment process are the same in both cases, in the appointment of a vicar the role of the Holy Spirit and the discernment of God’s will for the parish play an important and vital role which tends not to apply to other appointments.

It is for this reason that the Church through its Episcopate and through its diocesan structures play their part in the discernment process along with the parish through its appointed and elected representatives on the Incumbency Committee. The replacement of a long-serving and well regarded previous incumbent is even more difficult and, if it is to be successfully and appropriately completed, it will inevitably take time and a great deal of care and love on the part of all those involved.

Meanwhile, we continue to celebrate the season of Easter until Pentecost on May 15 and I look forward to seeing you all at church and on other parish events as they occur.

Blessings to all.

Fr Richard Murray SCP